Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Syma S013 Mini Black Hawk UH-60 RC Helicopter

Price: $27.50
Syma S013 Mini Black Hawk UH-60 RC Helicopter - Order now!

Product Description
Introduction: This Brand New 3 Channel mini rc helicopter is the world's newest, smallest and lightest RC Helicopter you can get! At only 5" long, it easily fits in the palm of your hand and is fully functional, which makes this helicopter an instant hot seller in the RC worldl. The mini helicopter charges directly from the controller which uses "AA" batteries and has a full-function trim control for the perfect flight. What is the advantage of Coaxial Rotor Blade design ? Since the introduction of Picoo Z, it brought a whole new chapter in remote control helicopter industry, something that is affordable, and easy to control, most important of all, it brings you loads of fun and the 3D excitement. But after a while, when you master the skill of flying, you start to wonder why it only goes in circular motion. With numerous time of attempting, its just frustrating to control it in the direction that you demand it to go. You may have seen other 3 Channel helicopters that can go forward and backward, but at least you will have to keep adjusting several buttons to turn it under control. That probably make you too busy to mange those buttons meanwhile having to keep an eye of where the helicopter is heading.

The Syma S013 Mini Black Hawk UH-60 3ch RC Helicopter comes fully assembled and ready to fly. The double rotor design helps stabilize flight and makes it easier to control. The helicopter is a very easy to control 3 channel, perfect for beginners.

This model requires either 6 AA batteries for the transmitter or has the charge option, which lasts up to over 15 minutes of full charge. At only 10g, this is a lighter model but is still durable, withstanding crash after crash. One of the downfalls of this lightweight model is that it does not hold up to stronger winds. The aircraft body is made from solid plastic with flexible rotor blade and a balance bar. Overall, it does have a stable flight and lift and includes flashing lights for a "real" appearance.


  1. Wow, how realistic are these models. Do you post internationally and do the products traditionally arrive in good condition if you do?

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